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Dehydrated Garlic in stock

11 мая 2023 г. 3:21   Зерновые   Baykal’sk   20 просм

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Область: Baykal’sk
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Dehydrated Garlic in stock Shandong Yummy Food Co., Ltd. Selected high-quality garlic from Linyi, Shandong Province in 2019, which has been selected to peel, wash, bake, select, sift and grade, package and other processes. The color is yellowish and bright, there are no black spots, and the moisture content is less than 6%. Low sulfur content, less than 50 PPMs, no pesticide residues, no microbial detection, no food additives, no preservatives, long shelf life. The specifications of garlic products are: 8-16 mesh, 16-26 mesh, 26-40 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-60 mesh, 80-100 mesh. Net weight of garlic: 12.5 kg * 2 bags / case,Dehydrated Garlic in stock website:http://www.sdyummyfood.com/dehydrated-garlic/

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